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I released a new version today, few bugfixes. Thanks for the feedback!
Thanks for using it, keep rating! Or send some beer ;-)

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Installed Objects Scanner makes it easy to test your IIS Webserver for installed components. Installed Objects Scanner also has descriptions and links for many components to let you know more on how using those components.
Just place the script on your server and view it in your browser to check your server for all currently known components.

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  • v0.41
    • some bugfixes
  • v0.40 beta
    • completly rewritten, maybe contains bugs, please feel free to send feedback to beta at kevinkempfer dot de
    • the database is now downloaded only when needed and then stored locally. you may force an update by clicking "update database now" in the upper right corner
    • new update mechanism: the script checks for available updates and downloads them. Set update_enabled = false to disable.
    • removed "Skip currently tested component"-Link - you can now select which components you want to check.
    • details on not installed components are now hidden until you move your mouse over the red *
  • v0.30
    • Changed the backend database to MySql due to high traffic on the list server. Some changes had to be made on the client script, too.
  • v0.29
    • Added two links above the table
      • 'Show installed components only' will hide all not installed components
      • 'Show all' will show them all again.
    • Corrected the HTML Code.

  • v0.28
    • You can now skip components while testing. Either click on the link next to the status field when the component appears, or call the script like http://yourserver/objcheck/default.asp?skip=ProgID and replace ProgID with the ProgID of the component that will be skipped
    • Some internal changes, more Error-checking, optimized texts

  • v0.27
    • Changed handling of different methods to get the list of components from my server. Now the script will test every method until one is successfull, because ServerXMLHTTP.4.0 seems to be buggy when behind a firewall or proxy.
  • v0.26
    • if there's no link yet available for a component, Google's number one search result will be provided. Updated daily, thanks to Google for this great web service.
    • added support for more components for automatic update downloads and proxy support. As I don't use proxies, I can't test the proxy support. Please give me some feedback on this. If you need to use a proxy, enter the proxy information below (line 55,56,57).
  • v0.25
    • added descriptions and links for components, now you'll get a short description of the components as well as a link to both the authors/description of the component and Google.
    • you can now edit descriptions and links if there's none yet available.
    • enter your own new components! click on "Add new component"
    • all new descriptions/links/components will be reviewed before going online.
    • changed some colors
  • v0.24
    • changed method for automatic updates to XML-Stream
  • v0.23
    • added detection for misspelled or incomplete ProgIDs
  • v0.221
    • this script is now under the GPL, see licence.txt
  • v0.22
    • added link to Google when a component is installed, so you can get a little bit more information on how to work with it.
  • v0.21
    • added check for URLs in the input box, because people always enter their URLs instead of downloading the script...
  • v0.2
    • fixed some bugs, now first display information, then try to fetch the list. Sometimes the XMLHTTP-Object doesn't work, maybe due to high traffic on my site. Should work on your site.
  • v0.1
    • inital release January 2002

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Released: 29/05/2005

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